All in one


TTG Int. LTD is glad to announce All in one tool set for Telecom Business management and Telecom-Project Planning & Monitoring tool called T-PPM.


TTG is an OSS software company focused on software solutions for telecom operation and support system and telecom project management. Our T-PPM solution platform is targeted at Fix and Wireless network operators and telecom hardware suppliers roll-out a network.

Our solutions deliver substantial cost savings by:

  • Optimizations on Opex and Capex
  • Increasing the efficiency in roll-out networks
  • Rationalizing business processes by supporting these with our best in class solutions


Our software solution focuses on the following areas:

  • Project Roll-out Management (T-PPM)
  • Site Acquisition/ construction & Management (T-RSM)
  • Lease Line Management (NET-TRANS)
  • Contract (Lease Line and Site) Management (NET-TRANS & T-RSM)
  • Document Management (T-PPM)
  • Inventory & Asset Management (NIX)

Tools can also be used individually and can be integrated to existing operator’s enterprise system. All our tools are reachable via intranet and internet through Citrix.