DSLAM Resource Management

DSLAM Resource Management
Network Resource Management-NRM
TTG Uluslarars? LTD – 4/1/2008
Tellcom and TTG have agreed on to develop custom made DSLAM resource management tool for Tellcom. TTG’s NRM (Network Resource Management) tool will help Tellcom to serves their customer faster by automatic provisioning network resources as well as capacity planning. Phase one has already completed where NRM and 3rt part CRM tool have already integrated to each anther and automatic capacity provisioning.
Today, demand for improving the delivery of differentiated services is growing. Manual and inefficient processes create bottlenecks and errors that slow down service delivery, compromise customer satisfaction levels, increase churn and reduce profits. The need to address these issues for existing services, and to meet and exceed rising demand for new, differentiated services has never been superior. Service providers need a fully automated service activation solution that is robust, scalable, and compatible with best of breed network equipment.
TTG’s NRM (Network Resource Management)for systems does just that. It simplifies and streamlines the activation of DSL services, enabling service providers to automate the fulfillment of new and existing DSL based services and customer quickly and efficiently.
Out come of this projet;
• Faster service introduction.
• Improved automation of service delivery workflow,
including automated service activation and rollback when necessary.
• Reduced order fulfillment times and increased customer satisfaction.
• Synchronization of resource database with the live network equipment.
• Improved scalability and performance.
• Reduced cost of ownership.