National 5G: Voice & Data


First voice and data traffic was realized over the national and local 5G Core Network. Within the scope of the End-to-End Local and National 5G Communication Network Project  in cooperation with 16 Communication Technologies Clusters (HTK) member companies and 3 operators supported by TUBITAK, CRAN, new radio, core network, cyber security, Microwave Radiolink, OSS, switching equipment, NFV , software, system testing and integration.

In 2020 the completion of the project and communication technology is aimed at making Turkey a part of the countries leading technology

Within the scope of the project, voice and data exchange was provided for the first time on 17 June.

HAVELSAN, i2i, TTG and Pavotek companies within HTK have developed 5G Core Network and other 5G network elements to deliver HD quality video and voice calls to existing mobile operators live.

Within the scope of TÜBİTAK-End-to-End Local and National 5G Communication Network Project, the Core Network, NFVI, IMS network (TAS), router developed completely by Turkish engineers in the 5G data traffic demo performed on the NFVI infrastructure at HAVELSAN Test Laboratory in METU Technokent. 5G products such as / switcher, EMS (Element Management System) are integrated into each other.

The Presidency of the Republic of Turkey of the Chairman of Digital Transformation Office, Ali Taha Koç, PhD, including the participants, the project reached the point, was presented with live demo presentations.

Gazali Çiçek, Vice President of Information Technologies and Communication Authority, Ahmet Akyol and Yüksel Aksöz, members of HAVELSAN Board of Directors, and Ahmet Hamdi Atalay, General Manager of HAVELSAN, and Orhan Aydın, Chairman of OSTİM, also participated in the presentation.

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