Smart Capex


Vodafone TR and TTG Innternational has begun working together on AI- Based and Machine Learning network operation and Automation. Since early 2018, operators began to deploy 5G networks globally. Compared with 2G/3G/4G, the 5G has a significant jump in key performance such as network speed, network latency and connections which would allow it to support new service scenarios and applications. Mobile operators need a much more flexible network to satisfy the increasing demands of the new services and customer satisfaction.

The growth of network complexity will make the traditional network O&M model unsustainable. Hence, Higher levels of automation are the only way to handle this complexity, while at the same time, ensuring that network resources are utilised more efficiently than ever, to reduce operating expense (OPEX) and support rapid, agile response. In addition to automation, operators also need simplified processes to reduce cost and increase agility to handle the ever-more complex network. The key to the next generation of networks is to make it autonomous and straightforward.

The project is Operation-focused AI, such as AI-based network planning, optimization, rollout and operations: used to assist with network planning, rollout and optimization, all of which enables operators to make more efficient use of their physical assets as well as followings;

  • Capex efficiency through pre-integrated network, service, customer analytics.
  • Multi-team efficiency from collaborative platform for technical, marketing and care teams.
  • Network monetization with predictive analytics.
  • Increased employee productivity by closed-loop automation.