TTG International LTD and Turkcell Technology and R&D A. ? cooperation announcement…


  1. International LTD and Turkcell Technology A. ? have signed cooperation frame agreement for developing new and national Oss tools together for the Telecom market. Both companies believed that this synergy will bring out more effective and efficient Oss tools for the market.

We believe that this agreement and cooperation with Turkcell Technology A.? will lead to development of new markets for TTG and potentially yield higher business volume. TTG management is to be commended for demonstrating once again its ability to deliver high quality and technologically competitive products at attractive prices with strong customer service support," Mrs. Emine Beyaz, the Company’s, General Manager said.

Turkcell Teknoloji Ara?t?rma ve Geli?tirme A.? has been established in April 2007 as a 100% Turkcell subsidiary in Turkey.

Turkcell is a GSM Network Operator with more than 30 million subscribers. Turkcell Teknoloji grew from the development group within Turkcell. Developing products and solutions has been moved to this new company to provide solutions for mobile operators all over the world. Turkcell has benefitted a lot from the products developed by Turkcell teknoloji aiming to achieve 100% customer satisfaction at the operator’s site.