Turkcell starts using TTG’s SYNERGY , Smart Energy Management System, across its fixed and mobile networks.

The SYNERGY is located at OSS layer and basically pulls all energy infrastructure related FCAPS information from multiple vendor devices and creates a single platform to help operators optimizing infrastructure OPEX and CAPEX costs and brings operational excellency through several features.


Thanks to the remote battery test function of the SYNERGY , infrastructure admins are able to run and control “remote” battery tests through thousands of rectifiers instantly. The SYNERGY becomes a handy tool for maintenance engineers on-site and makes those engineers life easier to monitor all devices in their own regions effectively.

Telecom operators need to consider site power requirements during network rollout planning. The SYNERGY provides a clear vision of existing resources inventory (rectifier capacities, battery backup durations, cooling devices etc.) by precise calculations to prevent over/under dimensioning of resources and to optimize CAPEX that is mandatory especially for an efficient 5G infrastructure investment.

Energy OPEX is a significant cost challenge that operators face as they add capacity or new technology layers onto the networks. The SYNERGY introduces energy efficiency KPIs on micro site level to monitor power usage efficiency and kWh per data. These metrics are key to monitor at which level site power infrastructure is utilized efficiently. Now, telecom operators have the chance to set efficiency targets to optimize energy OPEX. TTG’s SYNERGY also allows operators to control energy cost by providing insights on consumption through smart meter integration.


In modern networks, operational excellency requires machine learning algorithms for an effective operation. The SYNERGY integrates predictive maintenance into field operations based on past events in the energy infrastructure and recommends proactive actions for risky sites to prevent a possible revenue loss. Running remote/scheduled tests at thousands of sites and setting standard parameters on the passive infrastructure devices will also let operators to save time and money.

TTG’s SYNERGY is an all-in-one energy infrastructure management platform running on well-known OS architectures (Linux, Unix servers etc.). It is easy to scale according to customer’s requirements and present followings to the users on any web browser.

  • Customizable dashboards: Availability, efficiency, network inventory
  • Device Monitoring: All infrastructure parameters including site topology/inventory, rectifiers, batteries, diesel gensets, cooling equipment, UPSs, smart meters (Automatic Meter Reading- AMR and Advanced Metering Infrastructure -AMI)
  • Alarms: Archive, integration to existing umbrella fault management systems and alarm correlations
  • Administration: Add/remove devices, parameter updates
  • Reports: Capacity/usage analysis, recommendations, test results, fault logs etc. for any device
  • Archive: User logins, commands sent by users, device connection status