Vodafone Turkey Expands NORTH-I to LTE Network


TTG announced today that Vodafone Turkey has decided to expand the existing NORTH-I system to collect performance data from its Lte network. The new system will collect performance data from the accepted industry-standard KPIs into the NORTH-I system to correlate and report changes across multiple counters. This will uncover the relationships between particular patterns of change in performance in addition to particular problems and usage anomalies. TTG’s NORTH-I family products are specifically designed for telco-class performance management. These technologies include GSM, UMTS, CDMA, GPRS, IMS, Lte and most other wireless network technologies including circuit switched voice, SDH/SONET transmission, voice messaging system (VMS), signalling system, intelligent network (IN), ATM, frame relay, and IP-MPLS. CTO of TTG International, Mehmet Beyaz, said "With increasingly complex networks, mobile operators need to proactively manage performance across the entire network, from one end to the other. NORTH-I is a converged (Fixed/IP/Mobile) service and network Performance Management solution for multiple technologies, domains and equipment vendors across access, backhaul, core and service networks."