Nepal Telecom Authority (NTA


19.06.2017- Nepal Telecom Authority (NTA), Kathmandu and TTG, Istanbul has come to an agreement to provide "Unique IMEI identification" software as a

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TTG and CIT consortium wins


Mobile number portability in TRNC is just several months away. The contract to provide a MNP clearing house for BTHK telecom authority of TRNC has bee

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TTG International Ltd has been awarded by the Vodafone and Vodafone Net to provide the Network reporting tool called “INFORTANT”

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PORTUS Mobile Number Portabi


TTG and CIT has launch new software tool for Mobile Number Portability (MNP) meeting any country’s number portability requirements. Mobile number port

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MWC `17 Barcelona Experience


Mobile World Congress Barcelona has just closed its doors and we are glad to have been part of it! It has been a very hectic week for out team but hav

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Bilişim 500


As an Operation & Support System (OSS) development company TTG Int. LTD has been chosen as one TURKEY'S TOP 500 ICT COMPANIES (2015) of Turkey.

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Vodafone NET Turkey selects


TTG announced today that Vodafone NET Turkey has selected NORTH-I system to collect performance data from its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network. The NO

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Vodafone Turkey Expands NORT


TTG announced today that Vodafone Turkey has decided to expand the existing NORTH-I system to collect performance data from its LTE network. The new s

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Vodafone Turkey Chooses CMEx


TTG deploys CMEx to Vodafone Turkey for handling configuration data in order to ensure efficient, consistent mobile network planning and optimization.

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CMEx: Network Configuration


Minimize multi-vendor and multi-technology network complexities while maximizing quality of service levels while reducing the OPEX. The CMEx platform

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TTG Begins Central Mobile Eq


Central Mobile Equipment Identity Registration and Control System of Northern Cyprus Telecom Authority (BTHK) has chosen EMI Technologies, Tekbim Ltd

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Taking Performance Managemen


TTG International has been featured as one of top 25 companies that are in the forefront of tackling Oracle Technology challenges and impacting the ma

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