FTR Touch

FTR Touch

FTR Touch is FTR’s newest, touch-screen-based, 4-channel digital recording offering for courtrooms and hearing rooms.

Built using state-of-the-art technology that combines touch-screen hardware and FTR’s flagship FTR Gold®software, FTR Touch delivers an elegant and intuitive solution to accommodate the needs of a variety of environments.  Current FTR users can leverage their existing FTR investments and enjoy the many new benefits of FTR Touch, without the training requirements typically associated with new products.  New clients, on the other hand, can start to take advantage of the many features & benefits of FTR Gold, offered now in a unique and stylish form factor.

Key Features:

 Confidence monitoring

 On-unit playback support

 Time and date-stamped record

 Bundled with FTR Log Notes®

 2- and 4-channel audio recording

 Archiving to network or optical media

FTR Touch offers tangible benefits to both new and existing FTR clients, such as increased process efficiencies, lower risk, reliability, ease of use, better security controls and more versatility.

FTR Touch is an ideal choice for a variety of environments. Regardless of whether the venue is one where the Judge has the responsibility of controlling recording from the bench, or one where a dedicated device for capturing the record of proceedings is necessary, FTR Touch delivers a variety of benefits beyond just high-quality, multi-channel recordings.